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"Unequivocally the best jewelry store in the midwest"

Written by: Anonymous, City Search
Friday, August 18, 2017
The Best Jeweler in the Midwest! This is simply the best jewelry store in the Midwest. Customer service is the hallmark of this store, and it is matched by the knowledge and technical skill of the highly trained jewelers. Their jewelers are custom specialists, which should appeal to both newbies, as well as seasoned jewelry buyers. Their eagerness to explain options in layman terms makes it a comfortable setting to make purchases in. What is most refreshing is that they do not try to convince you to make the most expensive purchase or repair. They care about their customers, which will immediately become apparent to you when you walk in the door. The store truly has a familial atmosphere. As a professional male, the selection of the perfect engagement ring or gift is a daunting experience. Their years of experience in custom pieces allow them to understand what you desire even when you can't verbalize what you envision. This keeps the process from being overwhelming. Whether you need to purchase an engagement ring, a gift, or have a repair made, this store will exceed your expectations. I will continue to make purchases from this store. They are unequivocally the best jewelry store in the midwest!

POSTED: 08/18/2017 02:40:55 PM
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