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"This place is fantastic"

Written by: Erin Zemet
Friday, August 18, 2017
I visited Krombholz looking for an engagement ring. I had no idea what I wanted, so I went in to look around. I was nervous about this process because I hate to deal with pushy salespeople and knew I didn't want to spend a fortune. The sales people answered all of my questions and didn't pressure me at all. They waited patiently while I looked through every case. Once I had found some features that I liked, they set up an appointment for me to meet with their designer, Lee, to decide if I wanted to choose between one of the rings that I liked in the cases or get a quote for a custom ring. I found out that custom jewelry doesn't have to be outrageously priced. He took each of the features that I like in different rings and combined them to make something that expressed my personal style. He has a multi-step design process to make sure you know exactly what the ring will look like and allows you to make adjustments along the way. Lee is a genius! Because I had my ring custom designed, I was actually able to get a more intricately designed ring within my budget than I would have anywhere else. My fiancé and I returned to get his band there, too. This place is fantastic!

POSTED: 08/18/2017 02:34:23 PM
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