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Custom Design

Designed for Who I Am Today: Michelle. A Krombholz Jewelers customer, fan, and collaborator since 1988.

Custom Design

On our honeymoon 26 years ago, my husband bought me a beautiful gemstone ring.

For my 50th birthday, we had it re-designed into a ring that reflects who I am today. The design process with Lee Krombholz was joyous. What he designed and crafted was amazing and just what I wanted it to be. I love my Krombholz creation, and I never take it off.

It's no wonder they're celebrating more than 75 years in business!
Krombholz Jewelers has established a 70 year reputation for designing and creating jewelry that has been coveted for generations and shipped all over the world.

Our staff includes award winning designers, experienced jewelers and sales associates. We are all waiting to assist you personally.
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