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Angel in the Choir

Angel in the ChoirKrombholz Jewelers want to help make your gift giving experiences memorable! Here is an idea of how to make these moment even more special!

Singing in the choir at my church is a passion of mine made even more wonderful by the fact that my future husband is the choir director. We met the first night I attended choir practice and had an enthusiastic discussion about music choices appropriate for our church and our large choir's capabilities.

Every week we meet to practice for the upcoming Sunday services. We sing at three services on Sunday and are all very dedicated to the successful creation of a service filled with uplifting, well-executed music. Peter and I had hit it off that very first night and not only enjoyed seeing each other at practice and church, but spent a lot of our spare time together as well. Before we knew it we were considered "a couple".

Christmas at the church is especially exciting, but the behind-the-scenes work it takes to create a wonderful holiday celebration filled with joyous voices usually leaves us time for little else. My second year in the choir found me running around like a maniac trying to squeeze in shopping, baking, and gift wrapping between all of the extra practices we were having. I knew, of course, that all of the practicing would be worth it in the end, but little did I know just how special it would turn out.

Christmas morning came and the choir was bustling around the dressing room decked out in crisp red and white robes. Peter was rushing around like a red blur as he gave last minute instructions and reminded everyone of their cues for solos and bible readings. I smiled as I watched him and wondered when we'd have enough time to celebrate Christmas ourselves, just he and I.

We filed solemnly into the church before many parishioners had arrived and began a beautiful rendition of Silent Night. I lost myself in the wonderful Christmas music as we moved from one song to the next. Peter stood at the front gently guiding us, a satisfied smile on his face.

The church was nearly full, Father had come to the side of the choir, and we all began to sing very softly. Father nodded at Peter, but what happened next was not what anyone in that church was expecting.

Peter leaned toward the microphone at his left and said, "Before we begin this celebration today, I ask that you all join me in a celebration of my own." As he said this, he was looking right up at me. I felt butterflies in my stomach as he continued.

"On this special day, I want to share my joy in finding the woman I want to share my life with. So, if Jean would come down here for a moment, I'd like to ask her to be my wife." My knees were shaking as I walked down through the choir to join Peter at the front of the congregation. He knelt before me and took my hand.

"Jean, in front of the people who care about us most, I ask you to be my wife" he said as he slid a fabulous diamond ring on my finger. The whole congregation seemed to be leaning forward to hear my whispered "yes" as Peter rose to give me a hug.

I could barely walk back to my place in the choir and my voice was shaking so much I could only mouth the words for the rest of the service. What an incredible Christmas gift!
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