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Introducing Nina Nguyen!

Introducing Nina Nguyen! We recently returned from Chicago with a brand new line of jewelry from Nina Nguyen Designs. While we are extremely excited about how beautiful and unique the line is, the back story makes us even more captivated with it. Nina Nguyen grew up in Vietnam and used to help her uncle with goldsmithing. When her family was moved to the United States through a refugee camp, she continued to design jewelry as a hobby. Now, Nina is giving back.

Introducing Nina Nguyen! Nina Nguyen Designs is based in Colorado but the jewelry is made by a co-op of women in Vietnam. The women are given training in both jewelry making and life skills and working for the co-op provides them with higher than average wages to support themselves and their children. The co-op is growing, Nina just returned from a trip to Vietnam where they hired four new women.

And we love the jewelry. The collection you’ll see at Krombholz Jewelers is sterling silver that is 22K yellow gold plated with a focus on unique organic gemstones. The jewelry features druzy, turquoise and ammonite and other beautiful stones. What’s great is that each piece is unique. Because these gemstones are so organic, it is likely there will never be another stone exactly like it again.

Introducing Nina Nguyen! banglesnguyen-24We also have her “Wisteria” collection which are beaded “necklettes” with different gemstones for each month. A necklette is “a fabulous hybrid between a beautiful, bold necklace and a bracelet.” They can be worn long, doubled as a shorter necklace or wrapped multiple times as a bracelet. These make wonderful birthstone and mother’s necklaces. There are other necklettes as well which feature vermeil chain, pearl, lapis and other gemstones.

As an earth-conscious designer, Nina Nguyen offers beautiful and unique jewelry which we are so excited to have at Krombholz Jewelers.

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