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Finding the Intersection of Fine Jewelry and Fashion

Finding the Intersection of Fine Jewelry and Fashion Krombholz Jewelers has been in business for three generations. We have worked hard to come up with a merchandise model that can be the most relevant and appropriate for Cincinnatians. That being said, it has taken years to figure out the style of jewelry and price points of these styles that are best for our clients. The result is jewelry priced from $100 to more than $100,000 that we carry in our store.

Krombholz has discovered that people are more willing to spend money on classic jewelry. A classic look is timeless; it never really goes out of style. When you buy a classic piece of clothing, say a coat, a nice pair of boots, a structured dress, you want it to last a long time. It will be more expensive but it’s an investment. This is the exact same with jewelry. When you buy a pair of diamond earrings, you will most likely have them for your lifetime. They will be well made, long-lasting and expensive but something you can pass down to future generations.

Krombholz Jewelers is about to go on a buying trip to New York City. The Jewelers of America show happens twice times a year, once in July and once in February. The point of this trip for Krombholz is to observe new trends, to actually get out on 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue and look in the shops and windows to see what the fashions are for the next season. From there, selecting jewelry at the JA show becomes easier and more exciting. The jewelry we are buying will tend to be more stylish to trendy.

Trendy jewelry is a lot of fun and keeps you current. However, it does go out of style more quickly. Now, there is good news about this jewelry. Because its trend-life is shorter, the trendy jewelry we carry tends to be less expensive. In fact, the pieces we pick out at the Jewelers of America show usually range from $250-$750 keeping in mind that they are something you can wear for a few seasons without investing too much money. Krombholz Jewelers wants these pieces to be “Wow” pieces; fun and glamorous to make you feel in style and current.

We are excited to shop in New York City and come back with the newest trends for you. We promise to give you a full trend report of what we see both in the windows of 5th and Madison Avenue and at the Jewelers of America show!

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