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Shannan Boyer

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Blogger Shannan Boyer was kind enough to spend some time with us and answer our normal battery of questions.

She also came into the store and choose jewelry for a feature case that is on display for the month of May.

What current fine jewelry fashions do you like? I like really clean, classic looks. I run my own business and am a Mom on the go. I need jewelry that can carry over from the soccer field to the boardroom and back again.

Are you seeing this fashion on the street of Cincinnati? I don’t think I am alone on this. There are a lot of women like me, women who want to accessorize and look nice, but they need the accessories to be practical as well.

What clothing styles and accessories go with this fashion? The great thing about this clean, simple look is you really can wear it with just about everything. You can also always pump it up with a fun bag or scarf.

What is currently your favorite color(s)? I have always loved black, but right now I am wearing a lot of cornflower blue, pale yellow and green.

What are your favorite sources for fashions (i.e magazines/ blogs/ websites)? Polyvore, Pinterest; the blogs The Style Sample and What I Wore Today

Do you have a favorite jewelry designer? I don’t really have a “favorite,” the jewelry I wear most often came from Tiffany. I also really enjoy discovering independent jewelry makers, especially when it comes to finding great pieces to wear out on the weekends and special occasions.

Who is your current favorite fashion icon and what influence are they having on you? I really like Reese Witherspoon’s style. She has a classic look but she knows how to kick it up a notch too. She always looks amazing whether she’s out with the kids, or coming off the set.

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