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An Interview with bloggers Folk and Feather

had a great chat with the fashion bloggers that go by Folk and Feather.

Co-bloggers Betsy Wecker and Becki Young have a great spirit and a wonderful following of fashionista around the country. Here are notes from our conversation.

What current fine jewelry fashions do you like? I'm always drawn to chunky jewelry, so it's nice to see cuffs, cocktail rings and big, layered necklaces continuing to trend. I also love to see organic materials like agate, wood and leather incorporated into pieces.

Are you seeing this fashion on the street of Cincinnati? Cincinnati's fashion zeitgeist has long erred on the side of conservativeness, so you tend to see people wearing more delicate, conventional pieces. But depending on where you are in the city, you'll definitely sense an edgier, more eclectic vibe.

What clothing styles and accessories go with this fashion? Anything, really. It all depends on the look you're going for. Both Becki and I are huge fans of mixing conservative, "sweet" elements with slightly tougher ones (e.g. lace with metal, leather with diamonds). Also, if you're wearing bolder jewelry, keep the rest of your look more understated. For most people, it's important to let either the accessories OR the outfit make the statement, not both.

What is currently your favorite color(s)? As far as metals go, we run the gamut from gold to rose gold to the occasional silver and pewter. It really all depends on the piece. For spring, pastels are super hot--we love canary yellow, peach and seafoam green.

What are your favorite sources for fashions (i.e magazines/ blogs/ websites)? The main source of inspiration for Folk & Feather came from reading other fashion blogs, most notably personal style (Fashiontoast, Cupcakes & Cashmere, the Glamourai) and street style (the Sartorialist, Garance Dore) blogs. I also read Vogue and Nylon cover-to-cover.

Do you have a favorite jewelry designer? Neither of us are at the point in our lives where we can afford fine jewelry, but we love Givenchy and David Yurman.

Who is your current favorite fashion icon and what influence are they having on you? I don't have an icon in particular; rather, I draw my inspiration from street style--from the things everyday people are wearing. I work downtown, and I'm often blown away by the creativity and unique character I see in the personal style of everyday Cincinnatians.

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