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Meet Our Staff

Lee Krombholz "Visionary"

Meet Our StaffLee Krombholz, the third generation owner of Krombholz Jewelers, got his start here during his junior year of high school, which was more than 33 years ago. Known as the store’s "Visionary" Lee puts his heart and soul into creating unique pieces of jewelry that are "Just Like You."

When Lee isn't in the store crafting and designing, he claims that his hobbies are running and being a "computer geek." What you probably don’t know about Lee is how cutting edge he is and how he’s always up to date on the newest indie rock bands. This being said, his favorite band is The XX.

Previously, Lee preferred a symmetric and more structured style of jewelry but recently his designs have been more eclectic and ornate in detail.

Marc Firestone "Metal Magician"

Meet Our StaffMarc Firestone is not only the "metal magician" but also a torch master at Krombholz Jewelers. Before working at Krombholz he worked trimming Christmas trees in Northern Michigan, as a vinyl repair technician, assembled fans and ventilators, and was a stock boy at Hancock Fabrics. He can do it all!

His favorite movie is "Apocalypse Now" which is intense, to say the least. Marc is a music lover and has been a musician for almost his entire life. His favorite album currently is Jenny and Johnny's "I'm Having Fun Now."

When it comes to Krombholz Jewelers, Marc is a much-needed rock in the jewelry repair and creation world.

Kara Huddleston "Gem Geek"

Meet Our StaffKara is the "new kid on the block" but she is actually quite a jewelry professional! Kara joined the Krombholz team in September 2012 and is our resident gemological expert with a Graduate Gemology degree from GIA, winning her the title of "Gem Geek". Kara was recently married and a wonderful person to talk to about your next jewelry project!

In her free time, Kara enjoys gardening and cans salsas, fruit, or basically anything possible! She also enjoys painting and her favorite movie is "Paper Moon."

As a gemologist, Kara is a fan of anything with great gem stones, but her favorite stone is Tourmaline!

Heather Krombholz "Inspiration"

Meet Our StaffHaving worked at Krombholz Jewelers for over 25 years, Heather Krombholz is known as the store "Inspiration." It’s easy to see that Heather is the prime cheerleader and spirit of Krombholz Jewelers.

Heather is the founder of the Quilting Queens and her church knitting group, the Knittin’ Kittens, but is also involved with many different organizations.

Heather loves spending time with her family and is a very loving and supportive mother and wife. Heather serves as Lee’s muse and when asked what her favorite style of jewelry is her immediate response is, "Anything my husband designs."

Tom Primavera "T&K Casting"

Meet Our StaffTom Primavera is a lover of the wild things in life. He enjoys hang gliding, scuba diving, and the only thing he considers pets are wild animals that don't need vets. As an employee of Krombholz Jewelers for over 25 years now, Tom works as a caster.

Tom used to work at a pottery place and loves Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, and the Animals. He is from Columbus, Ohio and has a very colorful past.

Tom likes free form jewelry and enjoys how unique Krombholz Jewelers is in their jewelry design. He says this uniqueness gives him "a desire to make different and more interesting" jewelry.

Izzi Krombholz "Noisemaker"

Meet Our StaffA recent Electronic Media graduate of the College Conservatory of Music, Izzi Krombholz has joined the team creating content, blogging and expanding the use of social media for Krombholz Jewelers.

The youngest of the Krombholz family, Izzi lives in Northside and spends much of her time in the Cincinnati music scene. Currently in three bands, she plays shows around town almost every weekend.

A fashion enthusiast, Izzi enjoys combining jewelry with fashion and observing how the current fashion and jewelry trends intersect.
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